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Jack Marchment - Who's Afraid of Iannis Xenakis? Digital

Image of Jack Marchment - Who's Afraid of Iannis Xenakis? Digital


Upon purchase you will be sent a download link to the email address you have registered with Paypal. The album will be encoded at 320kbps in mp3 format and include high resolution artwork.

Release Date - 28th Sept. 2009 - "Previously, Croydon resident Jack Marchment has recorded albums for the Benbecula imprint, but now the electronic producer makes his way over to Herb, presenting the provocatively titled Who's Afraid Of Iannis Xenakis?, an album filled with enticing analogue melodies redolent of Boards Of Canada (see opening cut 'Schult-Abbey' for more information) and gritty electro-prompted beats that raise further associations with classic Skam sounds. This sounds especially convincing on the skewed beat designs of 'Marinetti', which boasts heavily detuned synths to match the overall aesthetic of vintage proto-IDM sounds. Another highlight, 'Delia Dub' makes no effort to hide its stylistic prompters, melding Radiophonic Workshop-type sound designs with squirming tape fluctuations to great effect." - Boomkat