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Mosca - Swimmer Digital

Image of Mosca - Swimmer Digital


Upon purchase you will be sent a download link to the email address you have registered with Paypal. The album will be encoded at 320kbps in mp3 format and include high resolution artwork.

Since the mid-70’s, Mosca has been creating unique sounds with a keen focus on texture and the trance-like delirium induced by repetition.

"Suitable touchstones would be the metallic dronescapes of BJ Nilsen and Biosphere’s more ambient works. This is particularly true of the three ten minute plus epics that dominate the middle of the record. “You Were Always So Charming” has the ghostly Arctic chill of horizon-free grey/white snowscapes. “A Grim Winter Awakes Us” is equally cold in atmosphere, but darker and, well, grimmer. The choral ghosts of “Nosferatu” conjour up visions of outer space horror movies, be they psychological like Solaris, or deal with a very real physical threat like Alien." Sic magazine