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Skytree - Windings of The Dragon Track Digital

Image of Skytree - Windings of The Dragon Track Digital


Upon purchase you will be sent a download link to the email address you have registered with Paypal. The album will be encoded at 320kbps in mp3 format and include high resolution artwork.

Skytree is Evan Snyder, who hails from the Twin Citied area of Minnesota. Having previously appeared on illustrious imprints such as Earstroke, Benbecula and Fractal Branch, “Windings of the Dragon Track” finds its home in Scotland’s Herb Recordings.

It’s on this record that Snyder realises his full potential. A distinctive marriage of organic and digital elements, where the electro meets the acoustic head-on and constructs a sound that veers well clear of predictability.

Coiling whispers of beatific acoustic guitar wrap around inventive whiplashing IDM beats which are all wrapped with a seamless fusion of swirling pads, subtle field sounds and distant voices. Straddling the line between complexity and Herb’s mantra of accessibility, fans of Four Tet and, perhaps, a lesser evil-sounding Boards of Canada will find much to enjoy here.

As Skytree, Snyder set out to explore the realms of electronic music, this time he has returned with something he can proudly call his own.

"The melodies are subtle, but strong: repetitive enough to take root, but varied enough to stay interesting. The beats are inventive, too. Four/four rhythms are jagged and snagged, distorted, crunched up and chopped, and yet maintain their central drive. There are dubstep and breakbeat rhythms, shuffling, mangled hip hop beats, and even a fleeting glimpse of a familiar Apache break on “Liquid of Decision”.
‘Windings Of The Dragon Track’ is a superbly realised work. It’s a winning synthesis of grace and grime (in both the original and genre sense) that is restless, sometimes offbeat, but at the same time incredibly inviting." [SIC] Magazine

"The granite-like strength of this album is, incidentally, at its core. Not only in the rhythms (I also dig Snyder’s use of snare rolls in his programming at subtle, yet effective spots like “And of All the Elements, Water They Liked Best”), but in its "center" tracks. “Liquid of Decision", “Peyotero”, and “Horizon Rock” comprise a solid core that could master any pilates core-crunching class. " The Silent Ballet